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Alien Zombie Soul Hunter
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Alien Zombie Soul Hunter

Welcome to Alien Zombie Soul Hunter ( Beta Version 0.89 )Zombies have taken over parts of the Earth and therefore you ( you are an alien ) must retrieve the souls of the lost humans that the zombies have stolen and then make your escape in your rocket.Your quest will involve you chopping, hacking and blasting your way through the zombie hoards in order to retrieve fuel for your rover vehicle and to then drive around and collect the souls of the Earthlings and the parts for your rocket. When you are done, take the souls and the rocket parts to the launch pad, then build the rocket and make your escape.In full 3D and with an over the shoulder first person shooter ( FPS ) perspective you get to work through various levels and use a variety of weapons to save the Earth.Instructions:Without the Add-On Pack you get two weapons: the sword which can take out any type of zombie in a single swing and a shotgun. With the AddOn Pack installed you get the mini-gun.Use the joystick on the left of th
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