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Aliens In Allentown
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Aliens In Allentown

BACK STORY----------It's the near future. Allentown, PA has returned to its roots and become an industrial complex, providing jobs for thousands.Until the Second Great Depression.Now, most of the warehouses and office buildings are shuttered, leaving only remnants of a once great economy.As a result, labor unions protested and riots erupted.You are Lieutenant Rick Barrett, U.S. Army. You have been stationed in Allentown to help prevent further riots.But you never saw this coming: Aliens have invaded.But why, out of all the places on the planet, would they choose Allentown as a point of entry?GAME PLAY---------The joystick on the left controls your movement. The up arrow on the right is the icon you press to jump. The icon to the right of that, which looks like a splat, is your attack button.You're armed with a Beretta 198F - the most powerful shotgun in the known world.Of course, these aliens aren't from "the known world" are they?Scoring: You get points for killing enemies. You will a
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