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Amnesia - Chapter 0 - Awake
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Amnesia - Chapter 0 - Awake

Point and Click mystery adventure escape game demo. Awake in a strange office with no memory and a bad feeling, can you escape? Can you remember?Classic point and click adventure. Enjoy escape the room games? Hidden object games? Add a bit of brain power and Amnesia is what you get!THIS IS JUST THE DEMO, want more? Download the longer, trickier, darker sequels from Google Play:Amnesia - Ch 1 - Jeffrey's MysteryAmnesia - Ch 2 - No EscapeNote: This is NOT related to Amnesia the dark descent and pre-dates that game.Red Rage Gaming is an indie developer who pines over old classic "point and click" adventure games. Disillusioned with the 1 dimensional predictability of modern adventure games and escape games he took to learning Java, Android and Game developing in his spare time. He dreams of making a big enough success of it to one day "give up the day job".Favourite Review:Chapter 1 - Jeffreys Mystery"Brock, June 29th 2012""Good game, blah to price haters, its $1.60Better than burger at M
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