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Anagram Word Shuffle
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Anagram Word Shuffle

Serving up rack after rack of random letters, Anagram Word Shuffle helps you hone your Words With Friends or Scrabble skills playing against the full ENABLE word list (for words 3-7 letters long, over 50K words).You control the rack size (from 3 to 7 letters) and how rich in anagrams you want the rack to be. The buttons will grow if you choose fewer letters, so small phone owners might enjoy 6 or 5 letter racks.There's even an easy button! (See Menu..Settings)Look up the definition of words easily, or enjoy Wordnik's Word of the Day.From AAH through ZYZZYVA, not to mention CWM and UNDE, the words you thought you'd never find are here, awaiting your discovery.[And yes, the full ENABLE word list has words that one may not find in a dictionary.]Not quite as fun as playing against your best enemy--but a great way to improve your game without cheating!Almost every button will do something different if you "long-press" it--from letting you try a previous rack, to showing the scrambled lett
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