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Angry Apes
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Angry Apes

**This game requires Adobe Air (which is automatically downloaded, and makes this download smaller) and a fast CPU and GPU. We're currently in beta testing, so please give us any feedback: http://accelermedia.com/contactThe greedy toucan birds have stolen the apes' bananas, and now the apes are on a mission to get them back! Join the fun, and help the angry apes win back their bananas and scare away the greedy birds.The apes have found a cannon, and you can help them fire it by touching the screen. They'll fill the cannon with coconuts, apes, bouncy balls, bombs, "barrel of monkeys", and anything else they can find, just to get the birds to leave their bananas alone!There are TWO ways to shoot the cannon:1. Classic Slingshot - Imagine the canon is a slingshot. Touch the cannon and drag backwards to aim, then let go.2. Single Tap - Tap anywhere on the screen to aim the cannon and shoot. Control the power of the canon by how far away from the cannon you tap. For shorter range shots, tap
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