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Angry Farm - Free Game
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Angry Farm - Free Game

Launch the animals to crush the foxes who invaded the farm!The Farmer is away and the farm has been overrun by an army of hungry foxes.Help the animals fight back to clear the farm of marauding foxes. The animals are armed with a catapult and they fly through the air like furious birds before colliding spectacularly with the foxes who are hiding inside protective farm structures.Each of the animals have special properties that you can control to defeat the foxes.The goat flies through the air slamming into foxes and causing hay bales and wooden farm structures to explode.The pig bounces like a super ball of furious rubberized pork demolishing foxes and their hiding places.The cow flies through the air and accelerates to attacking speed when you click the touchscreen while the cow is in flight.The hen is a bird full of bad bird attitude. So full of bad bird attitude that the hen splits into three destructive egg projectiles when you click the touchscreen while the hen is in the air.Feat
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