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Angry Frogs NoAds FULL
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Angry Frogs NoAds FULL

*** More than 5000 levels ***Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!!Need the SDCARD!- #2 Milions Downloads with the FREE version with ADS- WITHOUT ADS- 4400 built-in levels- LEVEL EDITOR- Ingame update: to have always the latest levels created!!- All data saved on your phone (disinstallation won't cancel your progress and scores): need the SDCARD- Global and single level highscores- MISSIONS SYSTEM: Complete more missions you can to earn more credits!IMPORTANT: This version of Angry Frogs is not compatible with the other versions (ADSFREE and FREE): You have to play all the levels to re-gain your scores and you must change your username.***by Jeremy (February 12, 2011)I think it's alot better than angry birdsby Nick (February 5, 2011)Forget the haters, this is a worthwhile application. Level editor FTW!by Charles (January 29, 2011)If u play this game u rock.by trisha (January 25, 2011)Im soo addicted ..... An my kids love it to ...by Damian (January 17, 2011)Much better now that graphics a
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