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Animal Ark!
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Animal Ark!

The animals' paradise is in danger! Move panels to form paths and lead the animals to safety! It's “Animal Ark,” the new action puzzle game. No pesky registration or difficult controls. Download now for free!In the far-off Skylands, the animals have lived peacefully for many years.But then, one day, the Skylands were invaded by the “Land Eaters,” who threatened this floating utopia.And so Old Nav, who watches over the Skylands, has prepared the Sky Ark so the animals can go in search of a new place to live.Only you can lead the animals to the Sky Ark and to safety!“Save the animals!”Journey with Old Nav to rescue the animals.Save the animals of the Skylands from the threat of the Land Eaters in this free action puzzle game.It's simple to play.Slide panels to make a route for the animals to follow to the goal!If an animal's stamina reaches 0 it won't be able to walk, so plan a careful route to the goal.Land Eaters may hinder you while you're trying to save the animals!Use th...
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