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Basketball Throw!
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Basketball Throw!

Basketball Throw! Basketball GameIn this basketball game you need to throw the basketball quickly to score as many points as possible-Drag finger to aim basketball and make a basketball shot-Release finger to take a basketball shot at basketball hoop-Enjoy making basketball shots-A fun basketball game!Like playing games on your phone? Basketball Throw is one of the most enjoyable and simple games for Android. It's also one of the most addictive games! So... if you like fun and addictive games, try Basketball Throw!Critics say:"One of the most adicting games on my android tablet""One of da best b-ball games on android(lg optimus)""I call these boredom factor games. Like toss it, play when you're bored! very addictive.""Great game to pass time and it's very fun""Great game, very addictive!"Why play games on your phone? After extensive analysis and deep consideration it has been discovered that...Games are fun when you're waiting around.Games are a good way to pass the time on a bus.Games
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