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Battle Killer Stuka 3D FREE
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Battle Killer Stuka 3D FREE

GERMAN / ENGLISH / FRANCE / SPAIN (Multilanguage)For smartphone and tablet!Very heavy, challenging, long gameplay!Battle Killer Stuka DEMO / FREE - a bomber and fighter plane game. An airplane hunts game with 18 missions in 3 operations. Ju 87 legendary as ME 262. Stuka from the 2nd World War I flying from the aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" sea to fulfill missions. Fight with destroyers, battleships - as the "Prince of Wales" - but also faces should be removed from air. It starts easily and is very difficult. It is also a story that is drawn through the missions, to the total destruction of a seaport, with the help of the "Bismarck".This game is the start of a number of other killers, and Giants (Yamato, Missouri, Hood, Bismarck, ...) from the past of WW2 ...In the demo are 3 missions to play, the first 2-DRILL surgery, exercises and one mission from the full version.The 3 have it already in it.System: Min 1 GHZ processor, 512 MB RAM, and 480x800 pixels resolution, it should be.Teste
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