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Battlefield Guns
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Battlefield Guns

Battlefield Guns is a must-have application for Battlefield 3 players, it include all the information of all the guns of BF3! Also you will find all the information about the weapons of Battlefield 3; Unlock level, rate of fire, max ammunition, reload time, and more.Features included in this app: ✔ All the weapons of Battlefield 3! ✔ Back to Karkand guns included ✔ Learn how to unlock all the guns of the game ✔ Accurate stats about each weapon ✔ Battlefield 3 application design★ ★ ★ LIST OF GUNS ★ ★ ★ == Pistols == .44 Magnum Beretta 93R Beretta M9 Colt 1911 Glock 17C Glock 18 MP412 REX MP443 == Shotguns == 870 MCS DAO-12 M1014 SAIGA 12K USAS-12 == Submachine Guns == MP7 P90 PDW-R PP-2000 UMP-45 == Carbines == A91 AKS-74U G36C M4A1 SCAR-H SG553 == Assault Rifles == AEK-971 AK-74M AN-94 AS VAL F2000 G3A3 M16A3 M16A4 M416 == Light Machine Guns == M27 IAR M240B M249 M60E4 PKP Pecheneg RPK-74M Type 88 LMG == Sniper Rifles == M39 EMR M40A5 M98B MK11 MOD 0 SKS SVD SV98...
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