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Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game by Keripo
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Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game by Keripo

Most popular music rhythm game! Beats is StepMania/DDR/osu! for Android!NOTE: Beats 1.7b crashes on exit on ICS 4.X. This is a known bug.StepMania/DDR/osu! for AndroidThis is the FINAL version of Beats. If you wish to try out any older version, you can download them at http://beatsportable.com/static/releases/Future development will continue with the open source Beats2 project. See http://code.google.com/p/beats2/ for more details."Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game" is a music-based rhythm game for Google Android phones/devices. Press arrows to the beat of songs StepMania/Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) style or tap circles osu!/Ouendan/Elite Beat Agent (EBA) style!Beats comes with 10 sample songs, but there are hundreds of free stepfiles available for download via the "DOWNLOAD SONGS" menu item. Beats currently does NOT generate stepfiles for the music on your phone; this will be added in the future.Beats currently supports user-generated stepfiles in StepMania 3.9 ".sm" format, Dance With Int
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