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Bert In Space
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Bert In Space

Tap into this fast-paced adrenaline action game! Enjoy another hit from PlayScape.Little Bert was on his way to a family vacation with his parents. All giddy and happy he could not have expected the terrible turn of events! In the chaos of a space terminal little Bert lost his parents…and was left all alone…Poor Bert found himself surrounded by dangerous aliens like nasty bouncers and vicious marine walkers who spit goo and won’t stop until Bert is captured! His life was in danger!!! Luckily enough brave Bert discovered a shiny and cool robot suit with special powers, he just had to hop into it, and voila! A new space fighter is born, the Bertinator!The big question is – do you have what it takes to be a space fighter? Can you help Bert destroy these creepy creatures? Shoot them up, blow them away and make the galaxy safe again…How to play- Use the joystick to move around and jump- Double tap a direction to dash- Hold up to glide- Tap on the fire button to shoot- Tap the fire...
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