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Brain Exerciser
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Brain Exerciser

Play this game to improve your math skills or if you want to kill time.Brain Exerciser is fun even when compared to other test, action, strategy, multiplayer and puzzle games.Brain Exerciser is free to download, to install and to play. If you yourself need a quick refresher on the basics, download Brain Exerciser. If you want to get your kid a head start in learning math, download Brain Exerciser for them. This thing won’t reteach you calculus or help you on that trigonometry test, but if you haven’t crunched numbers for a while it’s a nice, refreshing way to get your brain moving again.* Add like Mad -Touch the squares to add the numbers so they equal the value on the top. Be careful - if you run out of time, you will lose. To get more points: Add as many as possible numbers and use same colors.* Number breaker - The goal is to destroy all the digits. Remember digits can be popped if two or more of them contain the same digit. High levels will introduce new colors and digits.*B...
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