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Bubble Shot! - FREE
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Bubble Shot! - FREE

Bubble Shot! is a classic bubble shooter arcade puzzle game with a power-up twist! Rank up and play with your friends and family via your favorite social network and compete on your very own social leaderboard!Like Bubble Shoot or Bubble Shooter, you will LOVE Bubble Shot!BUBBLE SHOT! FEATURES:POWER-UPS!
Choose from 4 score-enhancing power-ups before you begin each round. All power-ups can be installed to give you various abilities in clearing bubbles from the grid.Power-ups include:★ Beam - Extends the length of your targeting beam.★ Bomb - Explodes a radius of bubbles where it lands.★ Freeze - Stops time for a short period.★ Barrier - Clears bubbles when hit for a second chance.BUILD XP/RANKING & GOLD!
Complete rounds to build your XP Rank, allowing you to earn higher scores the higher your rank increases. Win Goldfish coins and then use them to equip amazing power-ups that will help you better your scores and beat your friends!SIMPLE PICK-UP-AND-PLAY CONTROLS
Simply ta...
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