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Bug Zap
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Bug Zap

Crash landing on an uncharted planet for Zap has been a bad day. Help him out by gunning through all the waves of enemy bugs coming at him. Purchase bullets for the many different weapons to smash the insect invasion.Similar to asteroids you are placed in the middle of the area and tap all over the screen to shoot the bugs before they reach the center. This fast paced one touch input game will get your heart pumping and fingers tapping. Included is amazing in game artwork by the talented Paul Conway from DoomCube.• 21 Levels• 5 Different weapons• Unique enemy bugs• Great Art by Paul Conway• Ants, Beetles, Wasps, and more• New areas and upgrades coming soon.This game is still young many more levels, areas, purchases, and updates will be coming soon. Rate it and leave a comment. Send us an e-mail with requests, ideas, or issues.
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