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Buraco Free
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Buraco Free

Buraco is a Rummy type card game with a lot of rules variations to choseBuraco, Canastra, Burraco. Doesn't matter how it is called, what matter is that now this famous game is availabe on Android devices.You will be able to play a lot of the game variations: International rules, Italian Buraco Federation rules, Portuguese rules, or any rules variation you like. You can also create you own variation!ATTENTION: Only the Easy mode is available in this version, so the AI players are very dumb since this mode is designed to beginner players. In the full version there are more advanced AI players for experienced Buraco players.ATTENTION: This is a free version with the following limitations:* Only 4 players allowed* Only difficult level Easy allowed* Only one Round per Game* No graphic options* Ads* Must wait 10 seconds before starting any gameFULL VERSION Characteristics:* 2 or 4 players* Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise* Three levels of difficult: Easy, Normal or Hard* Total points per game:
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