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Cam Weapons 3D
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Cam Weapons 3D

App that enables you to shoot guys in your camera. Gun sounds are recorded at a real weapon range. More detailed descriptions will followMore weapons will come very soon :) including Sniperz, Rocket Lunchers and moar infantry weaponryIf you want to see a specific weapon, email me :)I know i shouldn't release the app in this state because many features are missing and everything is kind of ugly, but i have to finish the engine first and care about the cosmetics later (some features to name only a few: reload animations, augmented reality targets to kill for your pleasure, accessoirs like mounted flashlights or laser aim,...)Please don't rate 1 star, the models will look much more nice then now and the graphics from the buttons and so on will be more polished. Don't download this if you expect a fully fledged AAA game.Weapons included:+AK47+M4A1+HK MP5BTW, this is not me in the screenshot below ;)
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