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Cat Shot
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Cat Shot

*Have a problem with the app starting and staying blank with Samsung Galaxy S3.Work around by turning on Developer options and checking the box for 'Disable Hardware overlays'.--------This game is the 1st Android game for the Web Game Site "DAN-BALL"It's an easy action shooting-game,in which comical kittens shoot down fish.The player uses the cat's catapult to drag and release,lefting the ball fly.Aim carefully at the target with a slingshot. You can't shoot until the black cat brings you a ball.Please Enjoy it!-----------------------------[ How to play ]Use the White cat to pull and release the cataplult.-----------------------------[ Score Attack Mode ]Let's shoot at kitty's favorite fish and gain points.The score is based on the number of fish you get within the time limit.( Score of fish )Blue - 100 pointsYellow - 200 pointsRed - 400 points-----------------------------[ Endless Mode ]Dodge the UFO's shots and shoot a ball at the UFO to destroy it.When the UFO hits the white cat, th
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