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Caveman Pool
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Caveman Pool

It's pool that fits your phone! So simple, a caveman can play it. "It feels like I have an actual little pool table in my hands. Wow!"- User CommentFeatures:* Full screen mini pool table.* Fantastic ball physics.* Balls you can actually see.* Balls that actually roll.* Overhead 3D with subtle tilt perspective for stunning lifelike feel.* Great sounds.* Arcade mode health system for solo play.* Unique shot difficulty based scoring.* Automatic saving. Always pick up where you left off.* Menus that hide when you aim and shoot for a full screen view.* Four table themes.Games:* Practice - Just shoot pool. No health, no worries.* Solo Straight Pool - get health for made shots. Lose it for misses. Stay alive.* Solo Caveman Pool (RGB) - Ten balls, 4 red, 3 green, and 3 red. Sink the balls in RGB order.Also Available:* Solo Nine Ball, Eight Ball, and Seven Ball.* Two Player Nine Ball, Eight Ball, and Seven Ball.* Eight additional table themes.Around the corner:* Global high scores.Send su
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