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Counter Strike Elite Training
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Counter Strike Elite Training

Super cool anti-terrorist SWAT team Sniper training game. Are you a fan of FPS or shooting game? Such as the popular ones Call of duty, battlefield, Halo, etc? Our counter strike elite operation group is recruiting for new members! Do you want to try? If you can pass this shoot training, you are a good soldier! This game brings a lot of fun, many different weapons and maps.You will have chance to use pistol, sniper, rifle and even dart in this counter strike training! Very intensive and cool game with lots of fun. Now you need to prove yourself to be a qualified team member of anti-terror!Game tips:-You can choose from 4 different weapons for different skills, pistol, dart, rifle, and sniper. Of course you need to be an expert with all weapons as a elite SWAT-Shoot in the target, also you need to aim at the key point. The more precise you shoot, the more points you will get-Target will show up and disappear very quickly so move fast!-Try to collect more points before you run out of bul
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