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crazy shoot
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crazy shoot

crazy shoot is a silly joke app which simulates a broken mobile phone screen. when you touch the screen,you'll find some intresting thing!You may play tricks on your friends with it ,You will not be disappointed!How to use:Start "crazy shoot" and hand your phone to one of your friends. Wait until they touch the screen. Thats when they'll hear a loud cracking noise or a shooting noice and notice the "broken screen" on your phone. Now you can start to blame them for breaking your phone, maybe they'll buy you a new one ;)Shock your friends with realistic looking screen injuries and nerve wrecking cracking sounds. its the ultimate prank.This crazy shoot app offers you the most realistic looking images of cracked, broken, scratched and completely destroyed screens and displays.You won't find images with this quality anywhere else for free.Choose if the display breaks when someone touches it, when someone shakes the phone, or when the app starts.Challenge your friends saying crack my screen
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