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Dam Haji
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Dam Haji

Now you can play Dam Haji on your Android devices !Dam Haji is a two-player traditional board game and one of the Checkers variations (Malaysian Version). The promoted piece is known as "Haji" in this game (hence the name of the game). The game rules are almost similar to the rules in the standard Checkers such as a normal piece (pawn) can only move and capture diagonally forward in just one free space. The game can be played either against Android or friends using the same device.*****The game rules can be changed using Options menu*****The default game rules are:* captures/jumps are mandatory - (unchecked the "Force Jump" in the Options menu to disable this rule)* the promoted piece (aji) can move and capture in any number of free space forward or backward (aji terbang)- (unchecked the "Long Move" in the Options menu to disable this rule)Other rules, additional level, highscore and game variety (dam kapit, dam bukit, dam suap n etc.) are coming soon !!! Thanks & Enjoy the Game !## LI
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