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Deathride: Drifter Edition
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Deathride: Drifter Edition

Blow enemy cars to bits with a variety of weapons - or just ram them.Please, for the love of all little animals, state your device's make & model if you are having any technical issues. This game is tested on many devices and should work well on nearly all android devices.On the blasted freeways of mankind's grim and deadly future, a new world is emerging from the war-torn ruins of the old, a frontier where only the fast and fearless survive. You can make a difference - if you live that long. So check your weapons and weld on another armor plate 'cause it's time to hit the road!Blow enemy cars to bits with a variety of weapons - or just ram them off the road!Smash through traffic with your turbo boost!Engage in epic boss fights.Use your jump module to dodge bullets and even destroy enemy cars!Earn money to buy weapons and other car upgrades.Deathride features bite-sized missions you can easily finish whenever you have a few minutes to spare! It also auto-saves and has a handy pause fe
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