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Defense Command
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Defense Command

The Planet has been INVADED! The World’s Military enslaved by an Alien Mind Control Device! Only ONE Battle Squad remains.Shielded in their underground bunkers, our heroes emerge into a Fight for Survival. The Invaders must be stopped at all costs!★★★ Command armies of - Tanks- Infantry- Helicopters- Trikes- Deploy Turrets- Explosive Barrels- Landmines - And many more to defeat the enemy!Using the unique strengths of each unit, combine battlefield tactics and decisive action to outsmart and conquer the invaders!Lightweight fast units for carrying out lightning raids, slow powerful siege tanks for bombarding enemy positions, battle tanks and infantry squads for intense warfare: choose the right units for the job and command them in battle. ★★★ There’s a huge variety of missions in the first Defense Command mission pack and with many more mission packs in development, the replay value of this game is going to be massive!Each mission is designed to bring you the best gamep...
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