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Deluxe Russian Roulette
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Deluxe Russian Roulette

The classic deadly game of Russian Roulette is taken to a new level with a gorgeously detailed 44 Magnum revolver that recoils and bucks in your hand and uses the camera flash to simulate a real muzzle flash. Deluxe Russian Roulette is a guns app which you can either play solo or shootout with friends, test your rapid fire skills with the simulation mode against your opponent or try and win all achievements by going for ultimate glory in the Arcade mode. Do you have it in you to attain the GOD mode? Download a copy of Deluxe Russian Roulette for free today and take the test! WARNING: Do not play Russian Roulette with real weapons!!!!! ★★★ MODES ★★★ • 2 Modes: Simulation and hotseat• Simulation mode: A realistic revolver mode in our special Russian Roulette game that allows you rapid fire action. • Arcade mode: How daring are you? Can you become the God?★★★ FEATURES ★★★ • 15 achievements • Easy to play: Lock and load, spin and shoot!• 2 differen...
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