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Destroy Gunners SPα
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Destroy Gunners SPα

『Destroy Gunners SPα』【Description】"Destroy Gunners SP FREE" has changed name as "Destroy Gunners SPα" and renewed!New game mode named "SPα" has 3 normal missions for free trial part compared to past free trial version of "Destroy Gunners SP"!In addition,you can play feature part of normal 6 missions plus 18 high difficulty missions through in-app purchase.New main feature is fierce battles between you and enemy's equipment in the base.Also,new gimmicks have been added such as warp point,mission with wingmen.Furthermore, player's mechs,maps,boss,parts have been added and renewed.Please enjoy "Destroy Gunners SPα" which is more improved in gameplay compared to previous free trial version"SP FREE"!『Destroy Gunners SP FREE』【Description】『Destroy Gunners SP』brought out the limitation of the performance of the newest smartphones. This title is new generation 3D action shooting game that exceeded any past game machines. A player can control realistic armed robot intuiti...
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