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Destroy Gunners ZZ
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Destroy Gunners ZZ

This is the newest "Destroy Gunners Series".The newest game in the highly popular "Destroy Gunners"series of 3D action shooting games,with over 3,000,000 downloads worldwide.Nurture bonds with your comrades and fight for survival!Use many different weapons with your mech.Challenge missions, smash enemies and tackle huge bosses.Intuitive touch controls make the game easy to enjoy.This game also introduces a strategic map, allowingplayers to capture territory and expand their area ofinfluence.The game blends action and strategy for a new kind ofgameplay.Also,introducing long-awaited social networking servicecomponents.Players can assign their registered friends' mechs aswingman.Your friends' mechs can go with and help you on specialmissions such as bossbattles, and can even give you special parts.This cooperation makes capturing territory moreexciting!One of the major evolutions from "Destroy Gunners Z"is the implementation of "Dog Fights,"which allow you to fight other player's mechs (R
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