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Digimon Unlimited
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Digimon Unlimited

Notice: Digimon Unlimited is developed based on Bandai’s digivice Pendulum. This application is made for my interest and as a hobby. Original character pixels of Digimons are copyrighted by Bandai, and new original character pixels’ creators are shown on the “Special Thanks To” part of the application. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ME ABOUT GAME GUIDE. EVERYDAY 100 MAILS(MORE) COME TO ME. Basic structure of game system is same as original Pendulum, but different from the original devise, there are new systems such as “QR code Battle, Digi-Memory,” and bunch of different generation Digimons that you couldn't meet on the original Pendulum. Also there is a Battle Server (Online) to battle and Jogress with thousands and hundreds users around the world. Digimon Unlimited is a free worldwide application, and we are looking for people who can help us with different translations. If you are interested, please contact me through the email. And, please don't mail me, any questions regar...
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