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Domino 3D Online
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Domino 3D Online

Domino 3D is a 3D domino game with basic rules that are used in most countries.With graphics technology three-dimensional (3D) one can see the game from different angles offering a more complete vision of the game that facilitates concentration.Move around the table by dragging your finger up, down, left and right of the screen. Perform a zoom "pinching" the screen.Change the game camera clicking on the button "3D camera". There are two types of static cameras and two types of dynamic cameras to automatically enjoy a tour around the table of game.To make a run drag the tab to where you want it. You will know it is a right move because you will be shown a white wake around the tile.You can also rearrange your tiles in the order that you want.When you do not have to pull tabs should click on the lot to get new (located in upper right corner).Besides being able to play with the screen in vertical (portrait mode) can also play in horizontal (landscape mode) can change modes at any time by
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