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Dope War FREE
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Dope War FREE

NEWLY UPDATED FREE VERSION OF DOPE WAR!Live the life of a low-level drug dealer in this modern side-scrolling version of the classic game, DopeWars. Walk your strip, buy your product, cook your crack, keep a stash, serve your customers, rob your customers, employ workers to manufacture and cut your product and much more..Just be sure not to draw too much attention from the law.features:MAKE MOVES-Start with less than a grand and get on the block. Encounter fiends, cops, crooks and customers in a fully interactive 2D side-scrolling/sandbox environment.RE-UP-Enter buildings to buy some weed, cocaine, heroin, pcp, or mushrooms.COOK UP-Use baking soda and coke to whip up a fresh batch of crack in your customizable crack house.SERVE CUSTOMERS-Take your work to the block and serve the mobs of customers that drive by. Touch on passing cars to flag down drivers.LOOK OUT-Watch the news ticker to keep up with ongoing drug busts and events which lead to price changes..Keep an eye out for patrolme
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