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Dr.Stanley's House II
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Dr.Stanley's House II

* Requires Adobe AIR as additional installation.If you like adventure and escape games, then you have to try this one. If you are used to play games with instruction or help, then you probably don't fit this game.Dr.Stanley's House II is a Flash based adventure game which you can pick up, combine and use items in order to solve many problems in a very mysterious story line. In this game, you are acting a detective, your task is to follow the clues to solve puzzles so that you will enjoy an unexpected story. To finish the game in a short time that you can submit your name and score which can be viewed by all players, don't think it's easy, because there are many hidden items you need collect for a better score, and some of them are really hard to find. Use your observation skills, knowledge of medicine and good understanding for principle of RGB light code, start to challenge the best unbelievable score in the world!English Walkthrough please see here:http://jayisgames.com/archives/2011
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