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Dracoo Lite
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Dracoo Lite

Mean bats and other evil creatures have stolen all the dragon eggs from the village. Reason........ unknown. But there are rumors that the bat king loves dragon egg omlets for breakfast. Now it's YOUR turn to guide Dracoo, the brave blue dragon, through this adventure, to SAVE and find all the eggs. Let's see if you can find out why the bats steal eggs!Fly the dragon named Dracoo through the lovely 2d scenery in this casual game. Roast as many enemies as possible with your fiery breath. But watch out, they will try to harm you.Steer Dracoo past all obstacles, stay clear of bats and other shady creatures and eat as many chilis as possible for your breath. Dracoo: Adventures of the little Dragon is a simple but lovely 2D game in which you have to fly and beat badass animals and other evil characters that have stolen all the dragon eggs from the village. Sadly for them, Dracoo's siblings were among them.The whole dracoo-experience with 45 levels will yet be released in march 2013. More Le
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