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Dragon Sky Rush
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Dragon Sky Rush

An anime rushing game! Destroy all enemies while avoiding their attacks as you advance through the stage! Collect energy balls to launch powerful attacks that are similar to a Kamehameha! Collect red energy balls to go in to the Super Mode, which is similar to a Super Sayan, all of your attacks will be powered up!Inspired by animes like Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho and also Dragon Ball Z, the graphics are anime like! As you advance through the stages more and more enemies appear and you must do your best to defeat them! So you have energy balls which look similar to those used by Goku and his friends and also similar to Yusuke's spirit gun!Attacks:Energy shotgun!Energy Ball!Charged Energy Ball!Energy Wave!!! (Similar to the Kamehameha)Energy Rush!!! (Similar to the Kayoken)Super Mode!!! (Similar to a Super Sayan!)This is the anime game you wore looking for! Get Dragon Rush now!Theme Song by Dano, from Dano Songs!
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