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Dragon Sky Rush Ninja B
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Dragon Sky Rush Ninja B

The sequel to Dragon Sky Rush!!! The same, good anime rushing action, this time improved!!! Grab power ups and launch super energy attacks! Destroy enemies and go in to Super Mode to become even stronger!BOTH CONTROLS ARE POSSIBLE: touch ANYWHERE in the screen and drag to move the character! If you touch the right part of the screen to move, you'll get a better view of the action! Or you can use UP and DOWN buttons to move! It's YOUR choice!!!Two main characters, Ryuuki and Denki. Ryuuki is a righteous warrior who would do anything to protect the human race! He can launch powerful energy attacks which are similar to Dragon Ball Z anime Goku's Kamehameha and also some other attacks which reminds us of the Kayoken, for example. When he goes in to Super Mode he becomes quite similar to a SUPER SAYAN!The second character, Denki, is a mysterious Ninja who doesn't really care about saving the earth. But what does Denki care about? What is his goal? You can only find out when the full version
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