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Draw Something Assistant
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Draw Something Assistant

Helps you draw the words for the Draw Something drawing and guessing game for Android.Displays a semi-transparent image of the drawing for you to go over the lines with your finger. Once you are done, you get a drawing of the word you need!How to launch: From Draw Something, select your word, start an empty drawing, and click [home] - Don't quit the game. Now launch the assistant app and follow the instructions.Draw Something assistant is a helper application which allows you to:• Search for the word you need (e.g. rabbit)• Launch Draw something (either free or paid version) using the assistant's "launch" button.• Once in the drawing area, shake the phone. A semi-transparent image of the word’s drawing appears.• You move your finger over the image lines, and draw the image of the word.• Shake the phone again and the semi-transparent image disappears.• Submit your good-looking drawing to Draw Something for your friend to guess.This is a nice way to learn how to draw. Over ...
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