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Dummy Escape Lite
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Dummy Escape Lite

Guide a jumping and flipping dummy through 22 (100 - in full version) experimental bunkers. It is a physics-based 2.5D game.Control the dummy by rotating it to the right or left. Make frontflips and backflips to charge for powerjumps. Jump over platforms and electrical tubes, through narrow holes and other obstacles.You get quite a fresh experience playing this game. It differs from all the hits and has nothing similar with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Jewels etc. The game features real world physics, flip and jump animation, various tasks to complete in each level. Simple, it enthralls you the more you play.The only game you might find a slight similarity with is Portal.Music: "Exurb" by Gurdonark, "Kitchen Percussion" by The Institute of Contemporary Music, "Pulsing Piano Bit for Goodbye December".Game by: LevelZed.
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