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FLD 3D Lite (Tower Defense)
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FLD 3D Lite (Tower Defense)

We are at war! The military is on high alert. Radar has picked up enemy forces inbound to do battle. You must combat these dark forces and hold the line.For the Empire, For Honor and for Glory!Frontline Defender 3D is a tower defense RPG-style game in which you must defend your territory from the hostile forces determined to do it harm. Buy and place troops and weapons to defeat the invaders... but choose wisely. One wrong move could leave a gaping hole in your defenses!Best of all, the battlefield is in a 3D environment, with real shadow and fog effects. Even some tower defense veterans may need to mconcentrate harder to navigate this 3D world. Do you have what it takes to survive?Utilizes Opengl ES.Developed on Motorola Xoom tablet and HTC EVO smart phoneAlso check out our blog on the Making of FLD II for insight on how to create your own game.http://fld2.blogspot.com/Keywords: tower defense,sprinkle,fieldrunners,starcraft,minecraft,dungeon defenders,3D battlefield , Free 3D games,gr
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