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Farkle Dice
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Farkle Dice

***Online multiplayer is finally here***Farkle Dice is a highly addictive roll-the-dice game for your android phone.With its elegant design will allow you to enjoy yourself for hours. Farkle Rules:Your turn starts by ROLLING six dice. Take at least one scoring combination. than you can RE-ROLL the remaining dice.Once you get 300 points, you can COLLECT them and start new round. If after rolling there is no scoring combination, you get a FARKLE, losing all points from that round.If you have three FARKLES in a row you will lose 500 points.Game Modes:* Quick Game: Collect as many points as possible during 10 rounds.* Play For Chips: Collect 5000 points or more in 10 rounds to win chips. The amount of chips rewarded depends on the bet and points you choose. You can use your chips to buy virtual goods from the shop.* Play vs CPU: Play against the CPU and be the first to collect 5000 points to win.Coming Soon:* Play with friendsSocial gaming stuff:* Scoreloop integration* Compare scores wit
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