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Fat Spades
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Fat Spades

We couldn’t find a really good free spades game – so we wrote one. Fat Spades is designed to be the best looking, best playing spades game available. Every rules variation we could find has been included as an option, including: * Blind bidding * Bid raising * Double Nil * 10-for-200 * Six-in-the-Dark * Overtrick (sandbag) penalties * And many more!That's not all. Fat Spades is packed with great features * Ease-to-use, customizable, one-touch interface * Choose from three opponent play styles from Cautious to Aggressive * Three different card styles * Multiple display configurations to suit your device and style * Smart IA opponents provide a real challenge and your IA partner remembers whose side he’s on! * Unique “Bid Cards” make bidding clear and simple * Multifunction scoreboard always display the right information, opens to reveal score history * Sharp cards graphics and beautiful backgrounds by contemporary artists * In-game Help * ...
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