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Fishin' 2 Go (LITE)
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Fishin' 2 Go (LITE)

Realistic fishing for your Android device! Hold and flick your phone just like a fishing rod, and mimic the same movements that you would in real life when casting, retrieving the lure, and fighting the fish. Fishin' 2 Go takes advantage of your phone's accelerometer and vibrator to give you the most realistic fishing experience possible.This is the LITE/DEMO version of Fishin' 2 Go. LITE Features:Physical controls using the accelerometer (casting, etc).Realistic fish behavior & intelligence.3 scenic fresh & saltwater locations (FULL version has 16 including exotic locations like the Amazon)32 different species of fish to catch (FULL version has 100+ species)11 different lures/baits (FULL version has 80+)Customize your gear setup with different line weights & hook sizes.No web records, profiles, skill levels, kids mode, challenges, unlockables or save/send catches in LITE. Buy the FULL version for those and more!Support FAQ: http://www.fishin2go.com/supportFacebook Page:http://www.f
Downloads: 1650+

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