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This is a free and fun FISHING game. Just press the screen at the right time to throw the spear/hook, you can catch the fish and get the money!☆SIXTEEN KINDS OF FISHThere are 16 kinds of fishes in the game! You can find them in HELP, and the money/speed/weight for each fish. There are several kinds of fishes in a certain level, and you will see all kinds of fishes after you pass all the levels.☆CONSECUTIVE CATCHES TO GET BONUS POINTSRewards for continuous catch!!! You will get additional scores when you catch fish continuously. Scoring as (n - 2) * (n + 2) for n > 2, that means if you catch 10 fishes continuously, you will get an additional of $96 points.☆NOT EASY TO PASSMaybe you find that it is impossible to pass some of the levels. DON'T WORRY!!! Check the local score board, and find out which level you didn't got a nice score, replay that level and catch as more fishes as you can then you will win!☆CHALLENGE PEOPLE FROM THE WORLD IN THE GLOBAL HIGHSCORE BORADYou can submit ...
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