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Fishing Diary by DroidHen
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Fishing Diary by DroidHen

Catch most lively fishes in the sea, with a wide choice of fishing tackle. A dear diary is there to keep your daily fishing record. Start an exciting fishing trip now! # 9 cannons with different power and speed. # Throw a bomb to catch all fishes in the area.# Drop a piece of bread to bait all small fishes together.# Strike an electric shock to stun all fishes in the area.# Catch as many fishes as possible to power up your cannon into a laser firer.# Mermaids know where the sunken treasure is. Catch them to find out.# Bullhead sharks bring luck. Catch them to see how.# Fishes migrate in lines and crowds every once in a while. Don't miss out the chance for a good haul.# Reward shells every leveling up.# Hidden items in bonus stage.# Auto online/offline coin regenerate when you are lack of coins.Intuitive game rules:# Tap screen to catch fishes# Drag and drop an itemGood luck!==========================Droidhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, Basketba
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