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GTA Vice City Cheat Button
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GTA Vice City Cheat Button

Now you can enter your favorite Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheats on your android game device completely free! If you love the original Grand Theft Auto Vice City game then you'll love GTA Vice City Cheat Button which allows you to enter all the same cheats you could enter in the original GTA game using the onscreen keyboard and cheat sheet provided. Become a cheater for free!Instructions1. Open the app and press the start button.2. Start the game.3. While in game press the new “OPEN CHEATS” button at the top of the screen.4. Find the cheat you want and click it, it will appear under the “CLOSE CHEATS” button.5. Enter it using the on screen keyboard that opens. Click “CLOSE CHEATS” to remove it from the screen.6. When you finish playing, open the app again and press “Stop” to remove the “OPEN CHEATS” button. Alternatively, you can remove the button by pressing the “Press to remove GTA Vice City Cheat Button” notification.Please note:This application is an u...
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