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Nobody took it seriously at first. Unexplained noises. The occasional sound of soft voices. Was that the wind? Sometimes our monitors would flicker. Certain places in the office were noticeably colder than others. Nothing to worry about. Or so we thought. Then things got kind of creepy. Things started going missing. Cryptic messages appearing on the mirrors in the bathroom. Some days the whole building would feel like it was swaying. Things would go missing then reappear elsewhere in our building. Finally, we had to confront the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Burns Marketing was haunted. So we did what any good marketing agency would do. We took the problem to our digital lab and put our creative technologists to work. Armed with a small arsenal of mobile devices they began building. Several late-night coding sessions later we had a device that could detect the presence of spirits. We created the Ghost-O-Meter. Does the Ghost-O-Meter really find ghosts? We could tell you the resul
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