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Ghosts'n Zombies Free
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Ghosts'n Zombies Free

Ghosts, Zombies and Vampires… Vanquish them all!!! Ghosts’n Zombies is an action shooting game, which is set in the Middle Ages. A long long time ago, an ancient chapel became haunted with ghosts, zombies, and vampires which turned the beautiful chapel into a full of horrific and evil place. No one knew where these demons came from, nor why they were here. As nobody would go near the haunted chapel anymore, a monk was sent from the Vatican to investigate. Armed with only his faith and his weapon, the monk bravely ventured into chapel to exorcise the demons and restore peace back to the chapel. The controls of Ghosts’n Zombies combine utilizing tilt and touch. You can tilt the iPhone to control the monk’s movement from right to left and touch the enemies to shoot them. The monk’s faith will strengthen him as a warrior, and his weapon can be upgraded as well. You must destroy the enemies and gather the crystals they drop to increase the faith. There are two different game modes...
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