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Gold Rush Lite by Darren Gates
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Gold Rush Lite by Darren Gates

This "Lite" edition of Gold Rush contains 8 unique, free crossings that the expanded edition does not contain.You've got to get your gold, coal, and rubies to market by building bridges for your mining cars. A variety of valleys, ditches, waterways, and canyons lie between you and your destination. As a poor miner, your building supplies are limited to small numbers of wood girders, logs, rope, and track.Your score is determined by how much of your hard-won treasure makes it to the other side of the crossing without falling out of a rail cart, but also by how much stress was placed on the bridge during your crossing. While crossing, your bridge may experience stress and strain that weakens it over time.Gold Rush uses some of the principles of civil engineering to create stable structures. Creating bridges using randomly-connected girders, cables, and stone will probably not turn out well. Instead, you'll need to think like an engineer. Will a rectangular or triangular girder structure
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