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Guess the Intro MP3 Music Quiz
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Guess the Intro MP3 Music Quiz

Guess the Intro - MP3 Music Quiz is a unique, fun, interactive quiz for all the family. Using your own music collection held on your phone / tablet the quiz magically transforms the tracks into random questions. By changing the Skill Level, which range from "Child's Play" to "Insane" you can make the quiz easier or as hard as you like as it can play the music intros length for shorter or longer.Depending on the selected effect you can earn extra points when your music is disguised. Effects includes "Guess the Intro", "Heavy Echo", "Reverse Play", "Slip Slide", "Alien" and "Slow Play". Get two questions in a row correct and play the 8 quirky bonus rounds including count down style "Conundrum", "Guess The Year", "Identify the "Album" & "Album Cover Slide Puzzle".Play on your own, in teams or with friends of up to 10 players, the choice is yours.Go on and show them who knows the most about music. Installation can be moved from your phone memory to external memory if preferred.Requirements
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