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Gun Shots App 2013 HD
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Gun Shots App 2013 HD

Gun Shots App 2013 HD is a realistic simulator for the most popular guns including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns.If you think that a weapon is missing, just post the name of it in your rating comment! Thank you!How to Use:Just Click on the picture of a specific gun to choose the gun you want. Then push the "shoot" button to play the weapon's fire sound. If you're out of ammo, just reaload your weapon by clicking the "reload" button!Features:* HD images of all guns* More than 20 sounds(more coming soon!)* Real shot sounds* Real reload sounds* Real Animations* Vibration while shootingThe following guns are included:AK-47, Desert Eagle, Glock - 17, M1- Garand, M16 Gun, Minigun, MG-42 Gun, FN P90, Short Gun, Silencer Gun, Thompson, Submachine Gun, AK47, H&K, Walther PPK, M4 Gun, MP5 weapon, MP7 weaponKeywords: Sounds of Guns, gunshot, gunshots, gunsound, gunsounds, Guns, gun sounds, shotgun, grenade, pistol, rifle, machine gun, revolver,
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