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Guns by Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets
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Guns by Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets

★★★ TOP GUN APP ★★★Guns is a realistic simulator and game, in which you are able to choose a lot of different weapons and look at them from every angle: Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Handguns, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sub-Machine Guns, etc.Try each weapon out and shoot down the different objects in the game environment like you would be in the real world (Xtreme war scene/battle field). Score as much points as you can.Tap the screen to fire and use the joystick to aim at the objects.Big fun! Destroy whatever you want:You have the possibility to fire with all the guns and destroy the scene. You can destroy boxes, cars, pallets, cars, helicopter, etc.ALL WEAPONS ARE FULLY INTERACTIVE: ✓ 360° View to examine each weapon closely✓ Exploding environment (barrels and boxes)✓ Magazine discharge (full and empty)✓ Firing mechanic ✓ Recoil animation ✓ Flames & smoke ✓ Reload animations ✓ Real-time clip, gauge and magazine feedback ✓ Score and time ...
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